You've probably heard of the movie Snakes on a Plane. Perhaps there will be a new one called Snakes in the Bathroom based on what a Midwest family found when doing a home remodel.

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Here's what the family had to say about this very snake-y situation:

I was doing a remodel... and I took out the shower pan to find 10 snakes under it. Had to remove them one by one by hand. No snakes or humans were harmed. All nonvenomous snakes.

And, this is a big NOPE.

It was very kind of them to not harm the snakes. I must confess that I may not have responded in the same way as I search for my flamethrower. Just kidding. Probably.

If you do a Google search for "finding snakes during a home remodel" (I don't recommend it), you'll see this is rather common. The most infamous was the California home last October where a remodel uncovered 90 rattlesnakes.

Note that all of those snakes were venomous and are an even bigger NOPE. I suppose it's my inner Indiana Jones hating on snakes, but NOPE.

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