I don't know what it is about the changing colors this time of year, but it always puts me into a bit of a trance out on the roads. With all the dangers of texting, eating, shaving, streaming and combing hair while driving...the last thing I need is another distraction.

Peak viewing may be waning, but there are still some spectacular sights in the Hawkeye State, like the red & orange beauty [above] I shot today in Northeast Cedar Rapids. So, what makes the scenery so sweet? Maybe it's the fact that we all know grey, colorless and extremely cold days are on the horizon.

That said, I've a confession. I'm a four seasons guy. I love blizzards in winter, crisp autumn days, spring thunderstorms and big sunny summer days. Many 'round here could be termed "weather wimps." Natives who put weather complaints at the top of their social agenda tend to bother me...but I can usually steer them away from the "out of our control" topic and into discussions about their dog, gas prices, etc.

So, while we enjoy this explosion of color, some of us are looking forward to city-crippling ice storms.

...weird, I know.