Remember how just a couple weeks ago, it really ruined your day that Edgewood was a mess between F and Johnson, and how excited you were that they finished ahead of schedule?  Guess what?   It's back!

I was befuddled this morning on the drive in when I saw they were already ripping up Edgewood in the exact same section they just completed.  I'm not sure yet why.  Is it that there was a mistake, something overlooked? Not sure. All I know is that the headache is back for an undetermined amount of time.  We'll let you know as we get more details.  In the meantime, be prepared. And I guess we can also be glad it was clear for the Sweet Corn Festival. Could you imagine?

Something else to be exited about...  on the way in I also saw gas down to $2.29 at the Cenex on E Ave, about a 30 cent drop from last week I think.  Nice!

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