It was announced earlier this week that Arnold Schwarzenegger will be the new host of "Celebrity Apprentice", replacing presidential candidate Donald Trump. I had been curious as to who might land the gig since NBC cut ties with Trump. Richard Branson? Maybe even Mark Zuckerberg? Nope, it's "Ah-nold". I gotta say I kind of like the choice. It also got me thinking as to who I'd like to see on the show as contestants, so here's who makes my short list. (Forgive me if I've picked anyone who has already been on the show before. Google isn't perfect...)

"Stone Cold" Steve Austin. You have to have a token professional wrestler on these shows, right? While he's still working behind the scenes in WWE, Austin is retired from in-ring action. His "real-life" persona seems as entertaining as his character was, just toned down considerably, so I think it would be fun. Arnold has also had WWE involvement in the past, so there's an easy connection.

Sammy Hagar. Not sure if his touring schedule would allow him to participate but we do know he's a business mogul in his own right, owning bars, writing books and owning a tequila company in addition to his music career. Plus he's got a fun-loving rock-star personality that would translate well to television. He might be the token "weak" personality on my list, or could surprise.

Cindy Crawford. Supermodel extraordinaire who also has a portfolio of entrepreneurial ventures in her repertoire. Not to mention still being easy on the eyes. Is she as sweet as she seems or could she get motivated to display a more competitive side?

Mike Ditka. I'd love to see him use his entertaining personality, coaching and broadcasting experience on the show.

Al Gore. Need I even say more? Can you even imagine? Just for shock value alone, sign Gore.

Maria Shriver.  Why not? Since they always eventually wind up having to scrape the B-List or lower for celebrity reality show contestants, and she's kind of out of the spotlight these days, bring on Mrs. Arnold. The fireworks that could potentially ensue with her being on her husband's show could be epic. Or it could be rather boring as they keep it completely on the up-and-up.

Obviously, it will take a few more to round out the cast, but I'm suddenly more excited about the potential with Arnold as host. The only question I have is, what will be his catchprase? Will it be "You're Terminated" or maybe "You Will NOT Be Back!"?

What do you think of the choice of Arnold Schwarzenegger as host? Who would be some of your dream contestants? Let us know in the comment section below!

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