Do you remember the show "Cops"? It ran for a long time, and probably still does, at least in reruns. The show broadcast actual footage from real police departments around the United States, of their interactions with criminals. The footage, though, was, for the most part, previously recorded.

There's a new show a lot like it that I've recently gotten hooked on. It's called "Live PD". Just a warning: it's not exactly an upbeat, positive show all the time but it airs its new episodes on A&E Friday and Saturday nights at 8 p.m. (the PERFECT timeslot for it). It features host Dan Abrams and a panel of law enforcement experts in a studio full of monitors showing police activity around the United States. When something exciting, intense or dramatic happens anywhere, they can take you straight to it.

The show's been on since last fall, I guess, but I most recently got into it because a friend kept raving about it on Twitter. Now I can't miss it. Again, it's all LIVE as the action is happening, including an intense and terrifying incident in a recent episode where a man led police on a high-speed chase that ended with him exiting the vehicle and tussling with cops WITH HIS BABY IN HIS ARMS. Nerve-wracking and intense to say the least. Warning: not for the faint of heart.

Thank goodness the baby is OK, but if you like this kind of show I highly recommend it.

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