One of the biggest nuisances while attending any event at the McGrath Amphitheatre, in addition to parking, has been the restroom facilities. Port-a-potties are an eyesore and they smell...but word is, they might be going away.

CBS2 reports that plans are in the works for a new building onsite at the amphitheatre to serve as not only restroom facilities but for storage and event bookkeeping.

The second floor of this new building would provide upgraded restrooms while the first floor would replace the storage trailers you see at the venue and potentially also serve as a site for staff to safely compile and organize money and receipts collected from the events, and do it behind closed doors. Oh, and that first level is also designed to be quickly and easily cleared out for potential flood preparation as well.

Additionally, Public Works proposed extending the flood wall from the end of the levee to around the Knutson Building. The upgrades, said to cost $2.5 million, have been approved by a flood system committee and the work is slated to begin in 2019.

[Via CBS2]

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