Ever feel like you're on a roller coaster just driving down the road?

I'm not talking about dodging the potholes on Locust Street.  I'm talking about the emotional roller coaster we go on as we pass gas stations and check out the price per gallon. Especially if you're coming from Iowa into Illinois.

It's not for the faint of heart.

At press time, today’s AAA National Average is $4.77 per gallon.  Iowa's is $4.57. The Illinois average is $5.26 per gallon.

I'm not saying it's a good price, just that prices are lowering.  But why, you might ask?

According to CNN, "for the first time in nearly two months, crude oil prices have fallen below $100 a barrel, reflecting investors’ growing concerns about a US recession that could crimp demand for oil."

Falling Gas Prices are No Thanks to Politicians

The cost is dropping due to the demand for gas lessening.  People aren't traveling because they're saving for a rainy day.  Or because food and shelter are more important than a vacation down south.

But a reprieve from super-high gas prices is welcomed.  I would just like to see prices fall along with everything else instead of watching the cost of my deodorant go from $4 for a 2 pack to $6 each.

This is why my family's vacation will be in the form of camping this year and eating hot dogs off the grill.  Not driving to Branson to hit some water parks and eat out every night.

The good news is that gas prices are coming down.  The bad news is that we still can't afford it.

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