Congratulations! A winner of $2 billion has been announced (after a controversial delay in the Monday night which turned into a Tuesday morning drawing). It was a single winning Powerball ticket purchased in California.

The drawing tonight rewinds to a "mere" $20 million but before we just abruptly end the madness of the last two weeks it's fun to look back on a few of the stories related to our fellow Iowans. Like the sisters-in-law who will split $50,000 on a ticket purchased in Cedar Falls or the Hiawatha group of 21 co-workers who will do the same. Who among us wouldn't mind joining their family or their team? Wink wink.

Then there was Cheryl Brown, whose scratch ticket purchased in Des Moines ended up netting her $100k.

But, again, those amounts are not $2 billion and according to WHO-TV, if four tickets purchased in Iowa had gone a slightly different way, we could be telling a much different story. They say four tickets purchased here were all just one number short of the big prize! ONE! I hope these folks can hold a better perspective on the situation than I could because frankly I would be devastated. (I'm lying. I'd never sleep on $50,0000-$100,000 in one pop).

These four tickets matched four of the first five numbers and the Powerball to win $50,000. Two of the tickets added the PowerPlay feature to hit $100,000. So close!

The $50,000 tickets were sold at Yesway in Grimes and Casey’s in Early and the $100,000 tickets were sold at Walmart in Grinnell and Casey’s at 5505 Asbury Road in Dubuque.

And, on that note, yes, I believe it's time for us to move on from our Powerball obsession, at least until the next record jackpot is set.

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