Many people are being forced out of work because of the Coronavirus. You're lucky if you can feel confident and secure in the chance of it just being temporary, but 134 workers at GoDaddy in Hiawatha just found out there's nothing temporary about it and they can either move or lose their job.

That's what the internet and web company announced as they undergo "restructuring due to a changing business environment" according to the Gazette.

Employees are being given the chance to move to Gilbert, Arizona with their job or even a different one with the company's facility there. If they choose not to, their final day of employment will be September 1. KCRG notes that severance packages in the equivalent of two weeks' pay for each full year of service will be offered. They also intend to grant "financial certainty" to the employees for 90 days, and they will maintain their health benefits from the company until September 30, 2020.

In total, 814 GoDaddy employees nationwide are being affected.

Yes, decreased revenue due to the pandemic is half of it. The other half, according to a statement, is "increased effectiveness of one high energy in-office environment" rather than multiple offices.

The Cedar Rapids area is taking a huge hit as another one of its longtime major employers ironically cites the growing ability for folks to perform many of the company's services for themselves as an additional reason for these cuts. It's a sad day for employees who received this news via e-mail, according to the Gazette.

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