In 2012, the owners of Greyhound Deli & Cafe started their journey at NewBo City Market, as many local small community businesses have. Soon, joining the likes of LaReyna, the Saucy Focaccia, Melting Bite, and others,  they found a new home outside the confines of the small business incubator. They set up shop at the Cedar Rapids Public Library in downtown Cedar Rapids in 2015, moving on to bigger things, but never forgetting their community-oriented small business roots.

Via a Facebook post, they have announced they will close this chapter and letting a new, yet familiar team take over.

The change-over will reportedly take place April 30, as the folks at Roasters Coffee House will be adding to their location in NewBo City Market, taking over space currently occupied by the Greyhound Deli.

There's no word on whether the Greyhound's exit has anything to do with the pandemic but I spoke to a Roasters employee who says they are very excited to move into another location. I've always loved stopping by the Greyhound for a sandwich or a snack while enjoying a good read or just hanging out at the library. It sounds like much of the same will continue under Roasters' management.

The Cedar Rapids Public Library is located at 450 5th Ave. SE and the Greyhound Deli & Cafe space offer a drive-through.

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