The costumes have been made and purchased, the candy is ready to hand out. Yes, Halloween is almost here! No doubt your kids are excited and ready to fill the bags with candy. But the holiday can be a dangerous one for children too. Statistics show that twice as many child pedestrians are struck and killed by vehicles on Halloween than on any other day of the year. Here are a few things to remember.

If you're going out trick-or-treating, go in a group. And adult supervision is a must. Yes, bring your phone for a few pictures or an emergency, but leave them in your pocket so you're not distracted. When you're walking around neighborhoods, stick to the sidewalk. Guide your kids across streets when and if they need to cross. If you have really young kids, watch the candy. Take away potential choking hazards and throw away candy that isn't sealed.

Yes, we know your kids are excited about their awesome costume, but make sure they're safe to wear. Make sure your child is visible. If the costume isn't bright in color, add some reflective tape to it or their trick or treating bag. Also, make sure the costume fits properly as well. Make sure it's not too long or big. Even if your child is wearing a mask, they need to be able to see. Face paint is always a safer option than a mask. Make sure accessories like swords and canes aren't sharp.

Halloween is a blast! Make sure it's a safe time too. And save me some Reese's!


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