Who wants to take a little road trip?!

Recently, I came across an article from the Food Network that I just couldn't ignore. Why? Because it's about tacos. The best tacos in all 50 states, to be specific. The article says that "the magazine's taco team tried hundreds of tacos to come up with this list of the best in every state (and D.C. too!)."

We have lot of amazing Mexican restaurants here in Iowa, but the Food Network says that the one with the very best tacos is over in the Des Moines-area. We present to you... Tasty Tacos!

According to the official website, Tasty Tacos was started back in 1961, which means they are currently celebrating 60 years in business! That's how you KNOW the tacos are good. The website says, "starting with virtually nothing, we have taken a family recipe and given people across the country an opportunity to sample our one of a kind flour taco." The Flour Taco is what Tasty Tacos is known for. Instead of just a flat tortilla, the shell is "fluffy," crispy, and filled with your choice of meat, lettuce, and cheese. A simple combination that has stood the test of time.

In addition to the Flour Tacos, Tasty Tacos also offers other delicious items like enchiladas, burritos, tostadas, taco salad, and NACHOS. I had the nachos at Tasty Tacos years ago, and they were really good, but next time I promise I'll try the tacos!

Tasty Tacos currently has six locations: four in Des Moines, one in Ankeny, and one in Urbandale. You can check out their website for more information HERE.

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