The only thing better than a free taco is quicker access to it.

The World Series begins tonight. Yes, there is one after all the weirdness of 2020. It brings a little comfort and normalcy back to our lives. Take your pick: L.A. Dodgers or Tampa Bay Rays. Both locales would be much preferable weather-wise to what we've seen in Iowa this week, but those are the teams taking the field. No matter who wins the game, we all win as Taco Bell returns with our favorite promotional tie-in: free tacos.

According to a spokesperson, "in a year full of uncertainty and an unprecedented season that started later than typically scheduled, Taco Bell wants to make sure that this year, taco and baseball fans alike don’t have to wait any longer for the chance to score a free taco"

"Steal a Base, Steal a Taco" is your chance to get a free Doritos Locos Taco when a base is "stolen" during the World Series. But it's going to be a little different this year. Fans will use a code on the Taco Bell app, which will give them their "own unique redemption period". Just sign up for their Rewards program, if you haven't already, by 7 p.m. tonight. Then, watch for the "thievery" on the field and the code to get a steal of your own.

They are still keeping the original format of the promotion intact as well. October 28 will be the designated day to stop into your local Taco Bell to redeem your free taco in person.

Learn more about "Steal a Base, Steal a Taco" here.

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