Early on Sunday, June 5th, a house fire in McGregor left one person dead according to KCRG. This fire was called in at 6:17 a.m as the Mar-Mac Police Department was sent to the 800 block of Walton Street. There were 2 people inside the house and one was able to get out, while the other was not. Sadly this person was killed.

The Mar-Mac Police Department wrote on Facebook, "Due to the nature of the call, and out of respect for the mourning family, no additional information will be released."

McGregor is a fairly small town in North East Iowa, with a population of about 740 or so people. Anytime something like this happens in a small community it's bound to affect everyone.

Google Maps
Google Maps

According to KCRG, at the scene of the fire were the Clayton County Sheriff's Office, Clayton County Medical Examiner, Iowa State Fire Marshall, Mar-Mac Ambulance, Gunderson Ambulance, as well as many others.

First off, my thoughts are with anyone involved in this terrible scenario. It's sad to realize how many people will now have to live without their significant other, relative, friend, neighbor, or roommate for the rest of their lives.

I'm still relatively new to living in Iowa so maybe I just don't know any better but has there been a shocking number of fires so far this spring and the start of summer? It seems like we're reading about these every day.

Back on May 17th, the Cedar Rapids fire department responded to 4 first alarm fires in under 24 hours. On April 26th, Bootleggers Bar, in Clayton county was completly destroyed by a fire. Thankfully they were not open and no one was injured. There was also another early morning fire at Sisters Boutique in Cedar Rapids, on April 20th. This also resulted in no injuries.

These are only 3 of the plethora of fires we've covered this year. Hopefully, this is something we never have to read about again.

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