You’re not supposed to bring toys to class, but somehow, we all manage to do it anyway. We hide them under our desks or in our backpacks and are constantly moving them around as teachers change the seating chart or security guards roam the halls. Unfortunately, they almost always end up in the lost and found box at the end of the day, and we lose track of them forever. 

It happened all the time, right? Remember the scene in A Christmas Story where the whole class put in fake teeth?  Then the teacher said "Good Morning" and the kids repeated and fell in line to drop the teeth in her drawer of toys.

The fake mouse, the glasses with the springy eyes, the fake nose, the yo-yo, sling shot and chattering teeth.

You can’t help but wonder what happened to the toys that your teacher took away from you. Were they donated to charity? Did they end up in some kid’s Easter basket? Were they ever used again by the teacher’s grandkids?

I think we can all agree what ever happened to those toys...they did not stay in the teachers desk for decades upon decades.

SoraNews24 reported on a  63 year old fella who decided to break into his old school to find a toy that was confiscated by his teacher almost 40 years ago.


Hard to believe...but the guy was bombed and also he couldn't find the contraband.  Oh, and he was arrested for trespassing after the janitor heard them and called the cops.

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