Tomorrow is April Fool's Day! A day we play jokes, pranks and hoaxes on people, and I dislike it for many reasons. One of them is that, yet again, it's a designated day set aside to do something, in this case pull a prank on someone, making it completely predictable.

That's why I say March 31st and April 2nd are the days you want to watch your back instead. According to The Verge, there is such a thing as the Museum of Hoaxes. It has a website so it MUST be legit. Here are some of the signs they listed to spot an April Fool's prank.

Most pranks tend to happen around noon. There is no real reasoning as to why, that's just apparently the rule.

If the prankster has done it before they will do it again, don't trust them on April Fool's Day. Similarly, if you've been fooled by the same prank before, you already know it's a joke so you shouldn't rush to believe it again.

If it sounds like an obvious hoax, it probably is. The new "fake news" trend and the internet have made some hoaxes more difficult to detect, and sometimes downright dangerous to fall for. Use your common sense.

So there you have it, how to not fall for an April Fool's Day prank, in a nutshell.

What are your best or worst April Fool's pranks, or the ones you felt dumb for falling for? You may not want to share them and give them away but if you do, feel free to do so in the comments. Here's to not getting fooled this weekend!



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