I'm on the mend. But boy, has it been a fun week! NOT!

I truly thought I was in the clear by now. Not so much. After two and a half years into the pandemic and a handful of coworkers who've had the virus, in some cases multiple times, my luck ran out and I tested positive for COVID-19.

My voice was in terrible shape Friday. So after doing my show and recording a couple of items for our sister station from home through the miracles of modern technology, I went straight to the doctor. Strep throat. I thought only kids got that. Meds and bed rest all weekend (which, if there's one silver lining, it has forced me to rest).

At the time, I also had a COVID test (just in case). The results are in. Positive. I've taken the shots, and I'm not here to argue about your stance on that matter. I've been isolating myself for several days (starting with this past Saturday) and was off the air for a couple of days. My biggest concern? Exposing my father to it. I am following all the CDC guidelines I can find. I honestly can't tell if it was the COVID or the strep that's been making me feel worse.

I had a fever and night sweats for about three days straight plus all the throat crud which is still dissolving.

Speaking of the weekend. I'll tell ya, I don't mess around when I get sick. Rarely so much as a tickle in my throat and then one day, all hell just breaks loose. The real bummer is that it's ALWAYS on a weekend. Not just any weekend.

You've heard me talk about how much I love summer and summer-like weather. Just my luck, we had a beautiful weekend in late October to get out and enjoy...and I got sick!

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That's it for now. Take care of yourselves and we'll talk to you soon.


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