Happy Labor Day! I hope you're enjoying a weekend off to have fun, relax and celebrate the last unofficial weekend of summer. I hope you also may be getting an extended holiday weekend of 3, or maybe even 4 days if you're that lucky.

Once again, I'm holding down the fort all weekend, like I do almost every weekend. We work weird hours in this job so I'm used to it. Not that I am complaining. It has its advantages. I truly enjoy it, and here's why.

  1. I don't have a lot of people around distracting me or bothering me, so I can get more work done, knuckle down and do it better. (*Actual translation: they are not around for ME to bother THEM, allowing them to enjoy their lives more).
  2. Certain holidays are overrated anyway. Like Labor Day. It's literally a day to celebrate work by not working. I can survive working this holiday.
  3. More money. Overtime, baby! Gotta work if you want to get paid, so here I am.
  4. I am showing my team spirit. Again. Like when I bring in donuts. Or help tear down my own work space. Or get roped into drinking weird tasting things like chocolate coconut water or mayonnaise in my coffee for an on-air bit.
  5. What the heck else have I got to do anyway? I have no life. Plus, it's not like I'm working "around the clock" all weekend or anything, so I will have more than enough downtime. Until my boss sees this and starts getting ideas.

How are you spending your holiday weekend? Relaxing? Working? Share your plans and thoughts in the comments. Thank you for reading my attempt to rationalize how happy I am to be here this weekend.

Really, I am.

No, seriously.

Why don't you believe me?!


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