Cue the sudden urge to go skydiving or mountain climbing.

Not so much. But I am turning 40 today. When a movie portrays a character turning that age, they always have them going through this epiphany, the start of some mid-life crisis that they haven't done enough of the wild, adventurous things they were supposed to. They also always have a super-glamorous job that nobody in their right mind could find unfulfilling, yet they are still so depressed.

As for me, today I promise not to perpetuate any stereotypes. I will be going to work, to a job I enjoy. It stinks to have to work on your birthday but it happens sometimes as an adult. Then I will go home, read some more of the John Oates autobiography I got off eBay--got a good deal I couldn't resist on it a week before it even officially comes out--and that kind of semi-bootlegging is all the rebellion I have the energy for. After that, I may take a nap, play fetch with Riley and take him for a walk. I might also go out for a birthday dinner with my Dad (probably at around 4:00 or so...). Exciting stuff, huh?

The day is still young as I write this (which is more than can be said for me), but I haven't yet felt that urge to jump out of a plane. Although, I just remembered I do have to finish filling out my AARP application and pick up my new red convertible from the car lot, so I'll need to wrap this up. Enjoy a clip from the movie "This is 40".

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