I have to say, I am not surprised by the results of a new survey on America's grilled food preferences. Are you on Team Burger or Team Hot Dog? Apparently, 41 states including Iowa are Team Burger.

Locally, we know the Starlite Room and the Saucy Focaccia are great, but this is about "homemade" burgers and dogs.

I love hot dogs, but it's going to have to be a well-cooked and heavily topped masterpiece to fill me up on just one. (On the other hand, I'm definitely no Joey Chestnut, either). Possibly the best one around here (until this Illinois-based restaurant comes to town) is at the Flying Wienie.

Who are the few states that prefer the hot dog to the hamburger? Food & Wine posted survey results taken by Wal Mart.

The faithful hot dog lovers are mostly on the west coast, in places like California and Oregon, and all the way on the other coast, Washington D.C., who has actually switched its allegiance since last year (D.C. switching allegiances...imagine that).

The rest of us, including Iowa, know a good burger when we taste one, and make it our go-to grilling choice.


You can learn more about the survey here, and weigh in with your thoughts.


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