Whether you share a few wings as an appetizer, order 20 of them on a $1 wing night, or use a secret family recipe at home, there's never a bad time to enjoy a few chicken wings.

Breakfast, lunch, dinner, or a late-night snack are all appropriate times to smash a few wings. Here in America, we REALLY like our wings.

Americans eat more than 1 billion chicken wings during Super Bowl celebrations alone. According to SWNS Digital, the average person will eat around 290 wings a year and 17,653 wings in their lifetime.

If you love wings and are looking for the best of the best in eastern Iowa, there appears to be a pretty clear-cut favorite...again!

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Jimmy Jack's Rib Shack

According to Cheapism, the best wings in the state of Iowa are found at Jimmy Jack's Rib Shack in Iowa City. Jimmy Jack's takes a BBQ approach to their wings as they are smoked over hickory for 2 and a half hours. After they are ordered, they are then fried.

You have 4 choices of sauce to choose from and the article recommends the bold and tangy original BBQ.


According to the Jimmy Jack's menu, you could also order some sauce on the side. You can choose between the Chicago Fire - a little sweet & a little heat, the Cowboy - sweet and smoky, or Carolina Mustard - putting honey mustard to shame. If you would like to try some of Jimmy Jack's sauces or rubs at home, you can purchase them on their website.

These Wings Are Famous!

The amount of times Jimmy Jack's has been considered for Iowa's best wings is pretty remarkable. They don't like to brag so I'm going to do it for them. They've been featured (at least) 12 times other times in these other various food articles:

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The next time you're headed out for wings with your friends Jimmy Jack's should be the first place you think of.

Here are some other incredible restaurants you can enjoy in the state of Iowa! You should try and find a place you've never been to and plan your next evening out. If burgers are more your style, here are Iowa's best burger winners dating back to 2010.

All of Iowa's Best Burger Winners Since 2010

Every year, the Iowa Beef Industry Council puts on a contest to figure out which restaurant has the most delicious burger in the state. Here are all all the honorees that are still in business as of January 2024:

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All the Restaurants That Have Won Iowa's Best Pork Tenderloin Contest

The Iowa Pork Producers Association has been hosting their annual Best Breaded Pork Tenderloin Contest since 2003! Here are all of the winning restaurants that are still in business as of January 2024:

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