There's a ton of great things about Iowa City. From the campus and activities to the general beauty of the city, it's just a great place to be. However, the beauty is getting a facelift, as massive amounts of trees are in the process of being cut down, for a couple different reasons.

Before you get too steamed, it's actually for good reason, although it hurts anytime trees are removed. The first reason is that dreaded Emerald Ash Borer, which after years of speculation, has recently been confirmed, thanks to the help of woodpeckers. They've been suspecting the ash borer infestation since 2014, so the confirmation is kind of a relief as the mystery is solved. However, they estimate around 2000 ash trees in the city, with over a quarter of them on the campus. Many of them will be coming down. Some of them already have or are in the process.  The good news is however, they will be replaced by trees less likely to catch the disease. Not being full grown trees, though, it'll take time for the impacted areas to look the same.

Over 300 trees are also actively being removed along Dubuque Street, but also for a really good reason. Flood prevention renovations are finally underway after years of discussion, as work beings to raise the road above the 100-year flood plain, stretching from just past Taft Speedway to Park Road Bridge, which won't be complete until possibly 2018. It's a massive tree removal, but it's to help correct a major problem.

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