If you renovate it, they will come?

Looks like officials with Principal Park in Des Moines, home of the Iowa Cubs, spent some of their summer like the rest of Iowa and the country. After adoring longingly at all the publicity received by the "Field of Dreams" and its first MLB event this year, officials there want to make a statement that their facility is more than just a minor-league ballpark and worthy of some of that type of magic itself.

Significant renovations are coming in the near future

Plans laid out Monday by the Des Moines Parks & Recreation Department will be both simple and significant. We Are Iowa says infrastructure renovations will include a new entrance gate, more parking, and an updated clubhouse. But the really exciting changes will include a playground and a large-screen TV outside the park.

Iowa Cubs president and general manager Sam Bernabe has been with the organization since 1983 and says this will be the biggest upgrade since Principal Park was first built in 1991.

 It's not just giving the building a hug. It's a major change, in a lot of respects

Some of these updates are indeed required to keep the park major league-compliant

But why stop there, according to Bernabe and parks and recreation director Jenny Richmond, who said they want to make the third-oldest AAA ballpark not only fresher but a "destination". Hmm, sounds vaguely like what a certain other famous ballfield in Iowa has done this year. Truth be told, the plans were in the works already.

Principal Park renewed its agreement with the Chicago Cubs this year (who will play in the Field of Dreams game in 2022), and certain standards need to be met to fulfill that agreement.

If funding is secured, construction on phase one is set to begin during the offseason next year.

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