File this one under WTF. A home in Sioux City collapsed for what really appears to be no good reason. The weather was fine. So what caused it? That will be investigated for sure. All that's known right now is the house was under construction at the time of the collapse. In the photos you'll see below, it's not easy to figure out exactly what happened that caused the house to sink and topple over.

Luckily no one was hurt

Because there was work being done on the home, there were no occupants inside, according to a KTIV report. They also say responding crews determined the home actually fell off its structure platforms which is what caused the caving in to occur. Again, luckily no one was home, but unless a gnome is looking for new digs, the house was a total loss.

Take a look at the almost unbelievable photos, and be sure you scroll the Twitter post to see more photos. They're quite shocking and horrifying. Picture this happening to a home in your neighborhood.

Again, scary, right?

Utilities will be shut off for safety reasons. It's too early to know if the remodel is directly related to the collapse of the home. After seeing the photos, and knowing literally nothing about home builds or design, I would say they are connected. Again, that's with zero knowledge construction. It's just a good thing no one, including contractors working on the home, were injured in the collapse.

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