Picture this if you will: a house... with a video game store INSIDE! In the basement, that Man Cave for many of us. An entire Game Stop-sized gaming space. Drooling? If not, your boyfriend or husband likely is. Such a house does exist, and it's not far away. In fact, it's in Ankeny.

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This house is a gamer's dream!

While the house was sold in 2021, the listing remains available for anyone and everyone to be envious of. Before we take a peek inside, here are some quick stats on the house, in case it goes up for sale again and you decide you want to move to Ankeny.

  • 855 sq. feet (not a huge home. See, game store size!)
  • 4 bedroom, 2 bath
  • Two stall garage
  • Built in 1963 (way before Nintendo was a thing)
  • Has an Xbox...
  • Has a PlayStation...
  • Has a group of kids waiting outside to get in like a nightclub on a college campus...

Thanks to the listing from Zillow, let's take a look inside at each of the amazing 855 square feet of this home:

This Iowa Home Has a Video Game Store INSIDE!

This house is nice enough without the video game store in the basement... but that video game store is pretty awesome, too.

If a house with a game store inside isn't your speed, maybe one with a nightclub is more your thing? Located in Indianapolis, Indiana, this home has been on the market, according to Zillow, for almost 235 days. Granted Indianapolis is a liiitle further than Ankeny, this one is still on the market as we speak unline the gaming house.

Our home, which you'll see the photos of below, is highlighted by a snazzy nightclub, including a full bar. But, it also has a pool and nice kitchen and dining space. The home is listed at $799,900 and boasts of being surrounded by million-dollar homes. Here are some quick stats on the home before we see inside, and check out the club.

This Midwestern Home Has the Cities Hottest Nightclub in its Basement

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This Airbnb is so totally Iowa! Stay in a real grain bin converted into a pretty luxurious, cozy rental.

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