I live in an apartment building that has seen a lot of work around the area recently. From the roads, the buildings, and now the sidewalks. With new sidewalks comes wet cement.

The building I live in has a lot of families which means a lot of kids are seeing this as an irresistible opportunity to do some artwork.

Source: Jake Truemper

This is something we've all done as kids, but I do feel bad for the cement guys when they come back and have to fix it. The cement is dry now, and surprisingly only a few of the kid's and prankster adult's drawings made it into the final product.

Source: Jake Truemper
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It's just a few hand prints, and a random drawing, but a few people in the area are now complaining about it. Personally all I care about is writing an article about it, but it does make me feel bad that something so little can cause such anger, I also feel bad for the hard working men and women who have to deal with fixing this. They have so much work to do that they can't be everywhere at once, it's a lose lose situation.

Here is what it looks like as a whole:

Source: Jake Truemper

From a distance the markings aren't too noticeable. What would you do in this situation? Should someone fix this, or is it fine just the way it is? Let us know what you think!

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