We post stories often about surveys that tout the greatness of Iowa, while the phrase "Iowa nice" is a frequent staple of our vocabulary. Inevitably, folks then respond in disagreement. Well, as they say, "love it or leave it", but before you consider doing so, let's take a look at another such report, this time from U.S. News, calling Iowa the #1 place for "opportunity". Although there is some debate about changing it, one of Iowa's best-known slogans is "Fields of Opportunities" so it makes sense.

The Cedar Rapids Gazette reported on the survey, which ranked states in several different categories. Iowa's ranking in each category follows, from health care (20), education (18), economy (27), infrastructure (19), fiscal stability (23), "crimes and corrections (14)", and natural environment (20). As mentioned, Iowa ranks 1st in the "opportunity" category.

U.S. News managing editor, Sara Clark said the publication gave the Hawkeye state high marks at 12th overall and tops in that category "largely on the strength of its performance in two of the opportunity subcategories — affordability (at No. 4) and economic opportunity (at No. 12)"

U.S. News didn't release rankings last year due to the pandemic but this year, they said: "The 2021 Best States report combines data-driven journalism and rankings to help citizens, business leaders, and policymakers see where states stack up on key benchmarks — so that states can learn from each other and target areas for improvement".

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You can see the full rankings list here and note that three midwest states are in the top 10, including Minnesota, Nebraska, and Wisconsin. The midwest clearly sets the bar!

In case you're wondering, and don't want to click the link to find out, Washington state came in at #1.

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