The University of Iowa is self-reporting a potential NCAA violation involving former Alabama lineman and current Hawkeye Kadyn Proctor.

New Iowa athletic director Beth Goetz stated that recruiting director Tyler Barnes sent a text message to Proctor back in September while he was still a student-athlete at the University of Alabama, according to Hawk Central. The message was sent after Proctor had a rough game, giving up two sacks against Texas. Goetz noted the text stated, "Hang in there, buddy."

Proctor told reporters several weeks ago that Iowa coaches were supportive of him even after he had a rough game. The message Barnes sent to Proctor was public in the form of a tweet, but Hawk Central reports that a private text message was also sent to Proctor. That text message is being self-reported as a Level III violation that many consider to be tampering.

Hawk Central reports that punishment for such violations can be minor, including further education on NCAA rules, or major, including the eligibility of the involved prospect. Goetz doesn't think any major punishment will be coming to the Iowa program.

In the context of what was shared in that message, it doesn’t lessen the fact that we need to be responsible for what the rules are. But certainly there was a human element to the engagement, and I think that will be clear.

Barnes clearly didn't mean any harm when the text was sent. But Iowa is smart to get out ahead of the NCAA in this situation. Proctor is a five-star recruit and will start at left tackle for Iowa. I can't see him facing any punishment. But I'm guessing Barnes may be taking a class on tampering sometime soon.


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