As the Iowa State Fair gets underway today, it looks like they will be doing their own thing when it comes to running a lemonade stand, meaning a long-time vendor will be shut down. The circumstances of the vendor contract termination can be seen in different degrees as "unfortunate".

The original Hoppy's on the Hill is out this year due to a "dispute with fair managers"

KCCI says Hoppy's on the Hill has been a family business since 1947, but current owner John Hartney's operation will be replaced by an Iowa State Fair-run cookie stand. The dispute allegedly stems from an incident where Hartney made "inappropriate remarks" to a teenage girl during her job interview. Based on her complaint to the Iowa State Fair Police, no charges were filed but the stand was still shut down.

Another version of the lemonade stand is running elsewhere at the fair

"Hoppy's on the Hill" is still intact at the fair. Sort of. KCCI says a lemonade stand by the same name, with a different owner, is open near the sheep barn. The original location near the animal learning center is where the cookie stand will be.

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Hartney is considering legal action against the fair, who, for their part said

due to an incident that involved a minor on the Fairgrounds during an off-seasons event, we are unable in good conscience to offer the owner of Hoppy's Lemonade a vendor contract in 2021. There is currently a different Hoppy's Lemonade location owned by a different person located near the sheep barn.

Hartney is supported by hundreds of his fans on Facebook

You can learn more about the company and the situation causing their removal as a vendor at the Iowa State Fair here. Find out everything else you need to know about the 2021 Iowa State Fair here.

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