Salem, Iowa's Cali Wilson is a talented performer from the Hawkeye State who didn't manage to make it to the end but did crack the Top 13 on Season 17 of "The Voice".

That was far enough to encourage her to pursue her Nashville dream, get recognized at Target and release a single. She'll go out on tour this fall but in the meantime, according to Iowa City Press-Citizen, she is coming back to Iowa to host a 1,000-plus seat auditorium show in Burlington, along with some of her fellow contestants from "The Voice".

It'll happen this Saturday night, February 22nd at 8 p.m. at the Burlington Memorial Auditorium. Joining her will be Alex Guthrie, Max Boyle and her season's runner-up Katie Kadan.

All of them will perform their own original songs, with the goal being, according to Wilson, "to show a different side to them than what people saw on 'The Voice'".

Wilson will headline with her full band from Nashville. She'll perform her new single "Say It First", and a combination of original and cover songs before performing with the lineup of guests.


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