Despite one of the strangest and most frustrating seasons in recent memory for Iowa Hawkeye fans, the team has found themselves playing in the Big 10 championship game once again. Hawkeye fans are still waiting for the offense to show up and midway through the year, it was announced that the offensive coordinator Brian Ferentz would not be returning next season.

Iowa's defense is one of the best in the country and is currently ranked 7th in total defense, according to the NCAA. It has to be frustrating for Hawkeye fans to wonder just how good this team could be. If the Hawkeyes had an even competent offense, we're talking about a team that could be ranked in the top 10 in the country.

Big 10 Championship Game

Somehow, some way, the Hawkeyes find themselves in a familiar position. Playing for a Big 10 championship. ESPN college football analyst, Reece Davis, believes Iowa will get steamrolled by Michigan, and he might be right...but you never know. This is why they play the game. The stars could align, Iowa could play their best game of the season, Michigan could have an off day, and it wouldn't be the first time something unpredictable happens in college football.

You may remember a Hockey game, in 1980, where a bunch of United States college hockey players beat the Soviet Union for their chance to play for a gold medal. I'd say that was a bigger upset than if Iowa beats Michigan. The Soviet Union was arguably the best hockey team in the world...Michigan isn't even the number 1 ranked team in college football.

The Big 10 championship game will kick off tomorrow (December 2) at 7 pm. May the odds be ever in the Hawkeye's favor.

Who has this matchup favored throughout the years? Well..historically Michigan holds a massive win advantage over Iowa but by how much?

Iowa v Nebraska
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Iowa vs Michigan All-Time Record

Michigan has completely dominated the series between these two schools and holds a record of 44-15-4.


Not all hope is lost for the Hawkeyes as Iowa has pulled off some pretty incredible upsets in years past. According to KCRG, Iowa hadn't beaten Michigan in 19 years and in 1981, they were able to upset the Wolverines, 9-7, in Ann Arbor. There was also the 1-point, 14-13 victory, in Iowa City in 2016.

KCRG reports Kirk Feretz has been involved in 10 of the 15 victories Iowa has had over Michigan. Can he get to 11? We'll find out tomorrow in Indianapolis.

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