I kid you not, and remember, I'm just the messenger.

WalletHub has released its list of Best States in Which To Drive. Not only is Iowa near the top. We are the top. You hear it all the time. The roads are terrible and need to be repaired. People forget how to drive in dangerous weather. No one uses their turn signals. But, we should consider ourselves blessed, according to this new report which puts Iowa at #1 for "Best Driving Experience" in the United States.

The results were based on factors including "Cost of Ownership and Maintenance" where we rank 9th. Our "Traffic and Infrastructure" rank is #8. We were 31st in safety (not so great) but 22nd for "Access to Vehicles and  Maintenance" for a total score of 64.44.

We're not actually ahead by that much, though. We narrowly topped the following states:

  • Tennessee (63.3 and 1st in "Cost of Ownership and Maintenance")
  • North Carolina (62.85)
  • Texas (62.51)
  • Nebraska (61.89 and another reason they might hate so much)

Pat yourselves on the back, Iowa (but pull over first) because you are THE best drivers in America!

What was the worst state for driving? It's not really a surprise, but Hawaii.

[Via WalletHub]

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