I wish I had a dollar (no pun intended) for everytime I see my Facebook friends excitedly fall for and post (even if they just got hacked) the latest social media coupon scam. "Save $_____ by answering x number of questions!" Sometimes you don't have to answer questions, just "like" and "share".

It happens all the time, and the latest retail chain to experience it is Dollar General. CBS2 reports that posts are circulating of the "answer 3 questions" variety, to receive a $150 coupon to Dollar General. It then fails to ask for any contact information. So how are you getting your discount or coupon? Through the magic Facebook wizards?

Your best bet is to be sure it's from the company's official website or Facebook page. It may seem legit because it has their name somewhere in it, even what appears to be their official logo, but there are some very savvy Photoshoppers out there.

Dollar General's goods are already very inexpensive and high quality for a reason. Make sure you're not being scammed by an irresistable deal that's probably too good to be true.

[Via CBS2]

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