Gnarly! Tubular! Cowabunga! Eat my shorts!

You may find yourself uttering any of those classic phrases at around 11:15 every Monday through Friday when you're listening for our "super choice" radical radio jam of the day with the "Amazing '80s" sponsored by our friends at Dupaco Community Credit Union.

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There's nothing wrong with reminiscing to the reliable relics of Madonna or Milli Vanilli (rest in peace to both Rob Pilatus and their "real" singer John Davis, who I still think should have earned the Grammys the lip-synchers had to relinquish). But sometimes, we want to dig a little deeper to find some of those "lost classics."

Let me tell you, it's deep and dark back in our '80s vault, and a little scary back there sometimes (they like to pipe in "Thriller" on the muzak a lot) so sometimes I don't like to have to spend any more time in there than I have to. That's where you can help us out with a request. If you've got a song suggestion AND a memory to go with it, we'll pick one each day and put it on the air.

Did your prom date ditch you for the homecoming queen when the DJ played "Hold Me Now"? Were you one of the handful of folks with the legitimate phone number "867-5309" and everyone always called you looking for "Jenny" (except your name is Steve)? Is there just a song from back in the day that's your karaoke go-to now? Romantic or ridiculous, we'd like to get the nostalgia flowing. Ask and you shall receive with the form below or just with a comment on Facebook. Don't be a wastoid, man. Drop us a line.

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