While we wonder if we'll even get to see baseball this spring and summer, news like this can't be a good sign.

The Cedar Rapids Kernels, a minor league affiliate of the Minnesota Twins, has already announced the indefinite suspension of the season and is now announcing layoffs in the front office. The specifics of the layoffs are unknown but it amounts to about half the front office. In a statement via a press release, and published by Iowa's News Now, Kernels CEO Doug Nelson said: "I thank our staff for all of their efforts and dedication to the organization and hope to work with them again during the 2021 season."

The rest of the statement said that because the majority of revenue comes from games with fans in the stands, the layoffs were necessary to reduce costs due to the potential of up to 18 months before that happens again. That doesn't sound like a very promising or optimistic sign for resuming a 2020 season, but again, it's still up in the air.

The minor leagues are making a number of ongoing cuts in general, including in some cases players, and there's been talk of teams themselves being dropped. We've heard no such talk about the Kernels yet, thankfully, but things are going to be different in a number of ways when baseball does come back. We hope it includes these laid-off employees getting their jobs back. I know I'm going to go to a lot more Kernels games when I have the chance again.

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