For the third time this year, Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) workers reportedly discovered a loaded gun on the premises at the Eastern Iowa Airport (CID).

A Taurus G2 9mm that was loaded with four rounds was detected during X-ray screening. An officer from Eastern Iowa Public Safety responded and interviewed the individual caught in possession of the weapon. No word on what, if any charges could be filed, but this indiscretion generally carries up to a $13,333 fine from TSA. Firearms cannot be carried through security checkpoints but Iowa TSA Federal Security Director John Bright said,

However, passengers can travel with them in a checked bag, if they are declared to the airline at the ticket counter and properly packed in a locked, hard-sided container."

The three total discoveries of loaded firearms at the airport halfway into this year matches the total found there in all of 2018. Around the country, TSA found a record number of loaded firearms, at 4,239--about 11.6 per day. That amounts to a 7 percent increase in these incidents over the past year.

[Via CBS2]



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