No one sets out to get shot intentionally, let alone accidentally. But, alas, really scary accidents happen. Yesterday, police in Cedar Falls report this exact thing happened when a 75-year-old male accidentally fired a single round from his pistol into his own leg while at the Black Hawk Park shooting range.

The man will be okay, but I'm sure his friends will give him a hard time

According to the Black Hawk County Sheriff’s Office, the man will be fine. 911 was called and he was taken to nearby Allen hospital in an ambulance and has a non-life-threatening injury. No criminal charges are expected, but I'll bet you anything the guy's friends will be all over him about the incident. A simple, "Hey Bob, remember the time you shot yourself?" should shut down any argument he has for the rest of his life. By the way, his name hasn't been released so, "Bob" is simply a made-up name.

The Black Hawk Park shooting range has very few accidents

Despite this recent accidental incident of a man shooting himself, the Black Hawk Park shooting range has been very safe over the years. The last reported incident came back in October 2020 when according to the Courrier, a man shot himself... in the... leg. Yeah. So, history repeats itself I guess. In this case, the bullet struck the man’s leg, when he dropped a bag that had his gun in it. Oops. He was also treated and released quickly.

Accidents happen. Clearly. some are worse than others! Stay safe(ty) out there.


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