The Marion Police Department is alerting residents to be aware of routine SWAT training to be taking place on Tuesday.

The original location of the training was slated to be near Vernon Middle School, but has since been changed to a different, undisclosed location.

The new location will be 'sensitive to the school learning environment', according to a statement by the police department given to CBS2.

A full statement by the Marion Independent School District was sent to parents as follows:

“The Marion Independent School District has been informed that the Marion Police SWAT team will NOT be doing training near Vernon Middle School on city-owned property along Fifth Avenue tomorrow, Tuesday, February 20th. The training has been moved to another location that will be sensitive to the school learning environment. This message is communicated now to update parents and thank our community partners for locating the important training to another location. Thank you and if you have any questions please feel free to reach out to the Marion Police Department or MISD. “

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