She's likely the youngest officer in the department's history but her commitment shows she's well-deserving. Kylie McCaughey recently got hired on with the Marion Police Department. It's quite an impressive feat for a now 19-year-old.

I happened to take a special interest in this story because I went to middle and high school with both of her parents. Talk about a small world. In an interview with KCRG, Kylie said

Probably since I was like three, I can’t remember ever wanting to do anything else

Speaking of small-world moments, Officer Tom Daubs, who recently won the Paul Draper Spirit Award, was the resource officer at Linn-Mar during Kylie's time there, which built a foundation for her to get a foot in the door. Daubs said:

I tell kids in school all the time I have the best job in the world. I’m a police officer that gets to be in your schools. And then for someone like Kylie to see that and run with it and now be a police officer as well, that’s such an awesome experience for everyone involved

But, make no mistake, she earned it, working hard to finish a year of college while still in high school in 2020, applying last year, and eventually getting hired. She then completed the police academy and recently finished her field training.

Her higher-ups say that her story is a good message for those interested in law enforcement. The current environment of the field is ripe for new recruits, even young ones.

According to Marion Police Chief Mike Kitsmiller

We hired Kylie at a young age. Don’t think that we would pass you by. If you’ve got what it takes to do it we’ll definitely give you a look

Side note. My sister, who now works in Washington, D.C. got her start in this department and, coming from a long line of law enforcement professionals I have first-hand knowledge of the thankless work they do every day. We sure could use more of them like Kylie McCaughey.

It is everything that I’ve wanted it to be I mean there’s, there’s an opportunity every day to reach somebody. And to meet somebody in their worst situation and to possibly help? I mean to be able to have that opportunity is what I’ve always wanted to do

Kylie's ultimate goal, according to her folks, is to become a detective. She is clearly well on her way to a long career of service.

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