If you're a fan of attending a show at the beautiful McGrath Amphitheatre but would prefer permanent restrooms, here's some big news.

A new building is set to go up that will not only feature restroom facilities accommodating event capacities up to 2,000 people but also hold storage for the venue and supplies for flood protection in a convenient location.

When the Ampitheatre was first built, many people weren't aware it was also going to double as a flood levee.

A new storage building will have the public restrooms on the second floor, with floodable storage space on the first floor.

Second-floor restrooms are not conducive to the handicapped, you might say. And what about the lines? These are certainly questions you could bring up should you choose to attend the open house being held Thursday night to discuss the plans, but again, the first floor is meant to be able to get flooded without much repercussion, should it come to that.

The McGrath Amphitheatre is only part of the flood protection story. The open house will be held at the Cedar Rapids Metro Economic Alliance, 501 1st St. SE from 4:30-6:30 p.m Thursday, June 27 to discuss this and other plans.

Learn more here.

[Via Gazette]

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