We got a pool table!

Micki Slick
Micki Slick

No, I didn't start working for Google, but some serious morale-boosting remodeling has been going on here around the radio stations. It started a year and a half or so ago with our new updated on-air operating system, Zetta (which doesn't mean much to you but has been like a godsend to us), and has just gotten better from there. Gone are the drab, gray, impersonal cubicles, only about a third of which were ever used anyway. Spare, cluttered "storage" offices were cleaned out to make room for those people losing said cubicles. New, colorful carpeting--which I christened by spilling chili on during the office chili cook-off--and updated office furniture was put in. We got new blinds on the windows, and, oh yeah, big screen TVs in the studios and common areas.

The best part though, has been the break room remodel with a lot of new toys!

Massage chairs, new tables and chairs and yes, a pool table! Cue the Eric Clapton!

This is going to make work great again! Which has always been great, but you get the point. Either that, or our bosses want to keep us from ever going home.

I admit, it took me a few weeks to get over my sentimental attachment to the old decor. It had been part of the environment here for longer than I have, which is a long time. I think I can get used to it though. However, one item is still missing, in my opinion:


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