We're all excited to have two midwest Major League baseball teams playing in Iowa at the legendary Field of Dreams in Dyersville on August 13, as confirmed recently by MLB. The St. Louis Cardinals and Chicago White Sox will take the field, but two other related events have been called off.

KCRG reports that both the "Team of Dreams" and "Beyond The Game" events are called off due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

The 6th annual "Team of Dreams" was set to be an all-star game of baseball legends. "Beyond the Game" was billed simply as the "Iowa baseball experience."

In a bit of good news, the "If You Build It" exhibit, which is dedicated to the making of the movie, will still be open and the public welcome on the Field of Dreams grounds. It will be open specific dates this summer, which have yet to be announced, and safety precautions will be in effect but also have yet to be finalized.

"It’s unfortunate that we couldn’t welcome the thousands of fans who make the journey to Team of Dreams year after year,” said Keith Rahe, President & CEO of Travel Dubuque, the organization who hosts the event."

The growing list of cancelations continues to grow, and thousands of fans who were looking forward to these events will have to wait until (at least) next year.

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