Could you imagine turning 18 and your mother requiring you to sign a lease to continue living in your family home? That’s apparently what happened to one daughter.

After mom Jada posted a video of the self-described “teaching moment” to TikTok with her daughter signing a lease agreement as “It’s a Hard Knock Life” from the musical Annie played in the background. The video has garnered over 1.6 million views with the instance sparking a debate among commenters.

Other people shared similar sentiments about relationships being strained because of something similar, while others noted that the teen probably has many other bills to pay and should save up money for the future instead of spending it.

The backlash prompted Jada to create a follow-up TikTok to clarify her reasoning for doing this.

She also noted that she wants her kids to get real-world experience, including signing legal documents and to “not just sign something because it’s in front of you.”

Another reason that she chose to become her daughter’s landlord is the fact that to rent any home in their neighborhood, the landlords require renter’s history. By having her daughter rent her bedroom for $100 a month, she created her own renter’s history.

Jada also clarified that her daughter only has this bill and that she pays her car payment, insurance and cell phone bill.

After learning these facts, some TikTokers agreed with Jada’s decision.

“My mom did this and it definitely made me a more responsible person very thankful for that, nothing in this world is free,” one person commented.

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