There might be better news than we thought about getting those tax refunds without a delay.

If we are to take Roger Vought of the White House Office of Management and Budget's word for it, you'll get your refund on time. Vought said in a briefing to reporters that despite reports to the contrary, the IRS will be able to issue refunds while the government is closed for business.

Rules during previous government shutdowns stated that tax returns would be collected on time, but refunds would be delayed in the event a government impasse was ongoing. But a loophole was noted in the Antideficiency Act, whereby the IRS can temporarily reinstate certain furloughed employees to process returns and issue refunds on time. The Antideficiency Act is essentially the "rule book" of a government shutdown, determining what work and processes can still be performed.

Taxpayers who were having trouble digesting the thought of not getting a timely refund of money legally owed to them may be putting increased pressure on officials to look for ways to work for citizens even during a "shutdown".

Of course, it only becomes an issue if the government is still shut down by the time tax filing actually starts in late January.

[Via Gazette/Bloomberg]



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