In a city famous for its Italian beef sandwich shops, this one is getting a lot of talk around Chicago for how expensive it is, but is it worth it?

If you're searching for legendary food, you will never run out of options in Chicago. This latest Italian beef 'option' is getting quite a reputation, but I don't hear much about how it tastes, I hear more about how much it costs. If you're going to serve this sandwich in Chicago and sell it for this high of a price, it better be amazing. The competition here is fierce.

Chicago Italian Beef Sandwich

If you're in Chicago, there are a handful of iconic Illinois foods you must try while you're visiting and an Italian beef sandwich is absolutely one of them.

An Italian beef from Portillo's is a must, at least once.

Portillo's Facebook
Portillo's Facebook

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So who is in the Italian beef game in the Windy City and asking for more than twice the price of a couple of those sandwiches above?

The Most Expensive Italian Beef in Chicago

I have to thank this YouTube food reviewer for tipping me off. It showed up in my scroll and now it's all I can think about.

James Andrews via YouTube
James Andrews via YouTube

It's a bit smaller than I like but it looks good.

Chatel Farm's Italian Wagyu Beef
“jp graziano's giardiniera”, rotisserie au jus, wagyu suet-toasted roll.
Additional $5 with Raclette cheese whizz

That Italian Beef sandwich comes from Kindling Downtown Cookout & Cocktails, in downtown Chicago, on the ground floor of the Willis Tower at 202 S. Franklin Ave. Kindling is run by the James Beard Award-winning Chef Jonathon Sawyer.

Before tax and tip, the sandwich is $31, and if you add that Raclette cheese topping.

Eater Chicago wrote about Kindling's Italian beef in June of this year and went into great detail on how the sandwich is made. I have not had this sandwich yet, but those words made me feel like I could taste it.

One reviewer said,

In a city that prides itself on such sammies, Kindling may have just crowned a new champ with their Italian Beef. Delicious perfection. The Raclette cheese whizz is super fun...and essential. Sorry other Italian're in the rearview. Seriously.

My answer is YES. I would absolutely pay the full $31 (plus tax and tip) to eat the most expensive Italian Beef in Chicago, would you?

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