We all make mistakes. We all forget things. But once it starts to snowball, what do you do about it?

I've gotten all kinds of advice the past few weeks on how to solve my recent issues with a series of careless errors happening. It may not be noticeable to the average person, but to a perfectionist who prides himself on the details, it's been agonizing.

I've been making typos in some of these blogs you've been reading. I write a blog, proofread, check it again and even use editing software. Sometimes you still miss things. Maybe I should get some extra eyes on it before it posts.

Mixing up the days. A couple of weeks ago it was my Friday on Thursday so on Thursday I referred to Uptown Friday Nights being "tonight".

I've heard everything from taking Ginkgo (which I've started to do), time out for a proper lunch (a ham and cheese sandwich and a few handfuls of Wheat Thins every day don't count). Technology has failed me as I mentioned, so I am going back to the old fashioned way of reminding myself of things--taking notes. Some even say an MRI or thyroid exam might be in order.

What it might ultimately just boil down to is the other piece of advice I've gotten--slow down, get more sleep and exercise. Better yet, "don't be so hard on yourself". Good luck. I'll keep you posted.

Meanwhile, I'll take any other advice or words of wisdom, including pointing out typos as you read this.


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