While the Eastern Iowa airport continues to expand its operations with more flights and new facilities, and see more passengers than ever, one thing those passengers won't be offered any longer is shuttle service, because according to officials, "the market no longer supports it".

Not surprisingly they say ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft are cutting in to the service provided, but insurance rates have also gone up.

Flight scheduling has changed and made the shuttle service difficult to route as well, with clusters of passengers arriving and departing all at once at various times, with a lot of downtime in between for shuttle drivers.

Uber, Lyft, taxi and limo options still exist to and from the airport for passengers and guests, but the shuttle is no longer going to be one of them after this Sunday, June 30th.

Do you ever use the airport shuttle service? What's going to be your alternative now that it's gone?

[Via KCRG]


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