The above photo is myself and Jaymz Larson, of our sister station KRNA. They are in the same building as us here at KDAT so we're all kind of like family but it still begs the does a guy who has been here less than 10 years rate, getting an office before a veteran going on his 16th year in the same building?

I'm totally fine with it, of course. Jaymz is a hard worker and a good guy. He's been at Townsquare Media and KRNA for several years now but has just recently moved up the ranks to host the morning show. He's going to do great. They've transitioned back to the classic rock format they were playing years ago and you have my permission--for just a few minutes-- to turn the dial down to 94.1 and tell them what you think, as long as it's positive and you come back to us here at Today's Best Mix 104-5 KDAT!

I'm still smiling in the picture, so I'm not too broken up about the office thing, and besides, who needs an office when your studio is as beautiful and spacious with a view as spectacular as the one here at KDAT?

KDAT Studio
KDAT Studio


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