One year ago today, Sunday, October 7th, 2018, KDAT had the distinct honor to show the real power of radio.

We caught word earlier that week that one of our most faithful, loyal listeners, 52-year-old Marsha Light of Mt. Vernon, was nearing the end of her 12-year cancer battle and would likely not make it to Christmas. Her community set out to honor her on this particular day with a mini-parade and houses decorated for the season, along with a caroling walk.

It was then we knew we wanted to be part of this in a small way, and for 2 hours that day, we broke format, playing continuous, commercial-free Christmas music. A one-time breaking of the rules that meant so much to Mt. Vernon and Marsha. And to us.

Marsha, indeed, passed away a few weeks later, before Christmas, and our thoughts remain with her family. She was loved as an important part of the community, being heavily involved with their high-school wrestling team as well.

Thank you for letting us be part of a special day. The spirit it filled us with stays in our hearts.

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