"Girl Scout cookie season" is quickly winding down. It officially ends on March 28, according to Iowa's News Now.

If you and your friends and coworkers haven't been in contact much this past year because of social distancing or you've been working from home, you might have missed the opportunity to get hit up to buy cookies from their kids in Girl Scouts. Selling Girl Scout cookies is one of the earliest ways many youngsters learn discipline and business savvy. Many of them grow up to be among the types of people a new donation program is set to serve and thank.

For the next three weekends in Iowa, community members can continue to purchase cookies and donate at their nearest cookie booth to provide cookies to three different groups of community heroes and essential workers.

  • March 12-14: cookies for the military
  • March 19-21: cookies for essential workers
  • March 26-28: cookies for school staff

Select the "donate cookies" option, put in a quantity, and for $5 a box they will ship straight to these important community members. While there, you can choose from the different varieties to order cookies for yourself and the shipments will be automatically separated. It's a great time to order because shipping in March is half off.

It's easy to go online and order for yourself or these heroes as well at this website. Just type in your Zip Code and it will randomly select a nearby Girl Scout Troop for you to order from.

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Meanwhile, it was recently announced, according to the Cedar Rapids Gazette that Micah House, a girl scout troop from Council Bluffs who all live in an emergency homeless shelter, recently reached sales of 20,000 boxes of cookies, after first exceeding their goal of 1,000 and then 5,000.

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